Retrieve Virtual Card Details

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Hello Dear Card Holder. the Following form will provide you the details of the card you have been givven by your employer.


On the second step, please write the OTP. If valid, card details will be shown . for security reason, card details will be displayed for 60 seconds only.please copy details to a safe place

This Action can be done up to 10 times.after it, details will not be provided unless person contact braundcard via mail or whatsapp

Step 1 of 2 - Identifer Detail

  • Please Write the Company Code you received via sms or case you didn't received any, please leave empty.
  • If you received a SMS invitation , please write your phone number. if you received an Email Invitation, write the Code from your mail( the code might be your SSN )
  • במידה ולא קבלת בהודעה, לא נורא.השאר את השדה ריק
    Can be Read here: T&C
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